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Acne affects over 80% of the population during the teen years, and many of us are continually plagued by it in our adulthood. Despite what the common myths are, acne is not caused by improper skin care, certain foods, or stress, though all those things may aggravate the condition.

In most cases of acne, the main culprit is the over activity of the sebaceous glands, located in the pores of the skin. These glands secrete sebum which is the natural, protective lubricant for our skin.

Excessive production of sebum often results in the pores getting plugged and creating an ideal environment for acne bacteria to flourish. When this occurs the plugged pore inflames and festers into the blemishes we call pimples.

There are lots of things you can do to help ease the issue of acne. When you can find natural constipation remedies, natural arthritis remedies, and solutions to oral warts you can be sure there are plenty of home remedies for acne you can try. From face masks to certain diets that my help your body not overproduce certain oils in your skin or clear them away.

You can also do things like avoid the use of certain products that may dry out your skin and make it feel like it needs to produce more oil for moisture. Obviously it might be a good idea to avoid products with oil in them as well, like bath oil and certain skin care products. If your skin is already a bit oily this will not help matters.

You can also do things to help your body relax and not overreact to stress you are feeling. You could indulge in a natural massage at a salon or maybe just ask someone to give you a back massager for your birthday. Just remember if massage oils are involved to wash them off completely. It could even be as simple as lighting an aromatherapy candle and taking a nice bath to give yourself time to relax. When you don't feel as stressed your body's chemistry is more balanced.

No one likes acne, but it is manageable. So don't let it get you down. There are plenty of options available to help treat it and get clear glowing skin. Simple changes in your lifestyle or product choice may be all that is necessary to help clear it up. You are not alone, there are many individuals dealing with this skin condition. So find a solution that works for you and your skin today!

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